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Zika Virus: Governor Rick Scott Declares Health Emergency

Governor Rick Scott declared a health emergency last Wednesday in response to the zika virus being discovered in four Florida counties.

The zika virus did not likely originate in Florida; however, the heat map that the CDC has released shows the instances of the virus have reached the Caribbean. The CDC feels it is only a matter of time before those mosquitoes reach the US.

Zika Virus Reaches Hillsborough County

The best way to protect yourself from zika virus or any other mosquito borne illness is to control the mosquito population and reduce your chances of being bit. Governor Scott signed an order to initiate additional mosquito control sprays in Miami-Dade, Lee, Hillsborough and Santa Rosa counties. Those are the counties where the virus was detected.

We offer a number of options for reducing the mosquito population on your property. Our periodic barrier spray is designed to reduce the mosquito breeding population at your home or business. You can purchase these sprays singularly or by the season. We also offer a permanent misting system which can be installed on your property and maintained by our technicians.

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Listen to what Governor Scott has to say about the zika virus.

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