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Why Choose Mosquito Squad for Your Mosquito Control Service?

You have a number of options when choosing to go with a mosquito control service. Why should you choose Mosquito Squad?

We Are Locally Owned

  • We are locally owned and operated which means you are dealing with the business owner or someone who is only one step removed from the owner. You will receive responsive service from someone who truly cares about you and your experience.
  • When you shop local your money stays local to benefit your community. For every $100 spent with a local company $73 stays in the community. For every $100 spent with a corporation from out of town only $43 stays in your local community.
  • We are prompt and efficient arriving on time and ready to go.
  • Because we are locally owned we will be responsive when you need us.

Our Products Are Effective for the Florida Weather

  • Being owned and operated locally; we understand the Florida climate. That means we know what it takes to control mosquitoes year-round.
  • Our mix and program has been tweaked specifically for this area by people who live here.
  • Our products are environmentally responsible and EPA approved. They are designed as part of a plan to reduce 85-90% of the mosquito population in treated areas.

Our Trained Technicians Will Educate You On Effective Mosquito Control

  • Our technicians are fully licensed and trained in the sate of Florida.
    We assess your property and develop a plan that includes educating you on the things you can do to ensure the program works effectively.
  • We stress the importance of basic property maintenance mosquito control by eliminating standing water: Tip, Toss, Turn, Tarp Removal, Take Care, Team Up and Treat.

Our Reputation Will Make You Confident You Chose Well!

  • We’ve been around for over a decade. We invented the Protective Barrier Treatment in 2005.
  • Mosquito Squad has delivered over 1.3 million treatments.
  • Check out some customer testimonials on our home page!

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What Shopping Local Does For Your Neighborhood!

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