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Mosquito Control News: Trevor Noah and The Daily Show talk about Zika[VIDEO]

Zika is in the news quite a bit this week. First, Congress is back in session and they have resumed the debate over what should and should not be included in the $1.1B funding that Floridians have been waiting most of the year for.

This is the third time the bill has been delayed.

Watch The Fox News Report On Current Zika Fight In Congress

New Side Effects Reported By WNCT News 9

As cases continue to present themselves we are learning more about zika and the effect the disease has on both children and adults. WNCT News 9 is reporting on a study that links memory problems in adults to cases of zika.

Watch The WNCT News 9 Report

Trevor Noah Discusses Zika On The Daily Show

Zika has even invaded the late night comedy circuit.

Citing the 2700 cases of zika that have been reported in the United States and the 56 cases in Florida that have been spread by local mosquitoes; Trevor Noah jokes about the irony of possibly contracting a mosquito borne illness in the US after having moved here from Africa.

It’s a funny segment. The fact that zika is even hitting late night TV shows the strong focus we are currently putting on the disease.

Joking Aside; the zika virus is creating a good deal of concern and is something that we should pay attention to as residents of a warm and humid state. The CDC recommends using FDA approved repellents as part of your protection plan.

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Information sourced from The Daily Show / WNCT / FOX News

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