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Mosquito season is getting longer in Florida. According to Climate Central; rising temperatures since the 1980’s have caused longer periods of temperatures above 50 degrees; which is ideal for mosquito breeding.

We all know that Florida is hot and sticky. Hot and sticky means the mosquitoes are out in force. With concerns surrounding the zika virus; ensuring that your property is treated for mosquitoes is just good practice.

The Ideal Temperatures For Mosquito Breeding Is Between 50 and 95 degrees.

Florida is ideal for mosquitoes practically year-round. Mosquito breeding occurs when the temperatures stay above 50 degrees for more than a few days. That means that there are years where mosquito activity in Florida could be present in all twelve months.

A Year Round Solution Is The Best Protection!

Mosquito Squad offers a year-round program to keep your home or business protected. We address mosquito breeding opportunities on your property year-round; ensuring the spring clean-up and treatment is easy and effective.

Mosquito Season Growing Longer

Climate central is reporting that the number of days in mosquito season in Florida have increased by 11 days a year due to climate change. What this means for you is that the season is practically year round.

Let the technicians at mosquito squad help you develop a plan that will ensure that your property is mosquito free all year long. Our technicians will determine the areas of your property that are ripe for mosquito breeding and help you create a plan to eliminate or limit those opportunities. Our quotes are always free!

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Information sourced from Climatecentral.org

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