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The end goal of any course of treatment offered by Mosquito Squad is to leave you with an area that is virtually free of mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and no see ums. It would be irresponsible of us to tell you that any treatment will result in zero pests. That is just not possible given the nature of Mother Nature. The key is to interrupt the breeding cycles before the pests can take over your property.

You will experience an immediate 80-85% reduction in mosquito activity directly after spraying. Please note that the act of spraying will kick-up activity briefly as spraying disrupts the pests’ normal activities but this will lessen as the spray takes effect.

Be vigilant when focusing on the Five T’s in Pest Control. Your Mosquito Squad Technician will cover these with you during your initial visit.

• Tip
• Toss
• Turnover
• Eliminate Tarps
• Treat Accordingly

There are also other ways you can help ensure everything possible is being done to break those breeding cycles.

• Reduce standing water where mosquitoes breed
• Unused swimming pools, barrels, buckets, or any other standing water should be addressed.
• Use window screens to keep the mosquitoes out of living areas

Please note at times there are higher incidents of mosquito activity in nature. This is because local mosquito species have hatching cycles. During these times, several thousand to tens of thousands of mosquitoes may enter your property. You will see an increase in activity for a few evenings due to the “Barrier” being breached. This is natural. When the new mosquitoes land on the treated plants they will be killed by our product. Also, new eggs laid inside the barrier will not survive. Once a few days pass and the new mosquitoes are exposed to the barrier spray, you will see that activity drop once again.

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